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Permanent Make-Up

Permanent make-up with powder brows and aquarell lips

Powder Brows

Powder brows are a special form of permanent make-up. It is a new technique to pigment eyebrows and lips. This can hardly be distinguished from decorative make-up. The pigments are brought into the skin with a nano-needle. This creates a very natural shading that looks as if the brows were drawn with powder. The powder technique makes the eyebrows look very dense and full. It is the most natural way of drawing eyebrows. The skin is less traumatized with this technique than with microblading. The before and after comparison is unique. You will love it.

Aquarell Lips

Aquarell lips is a natural way to pigment the lips. This technique intensifies the lip color and thus gives a natural, fresh look. There is no pronounced contouring and the desired effect is a blurred with almost transparent color. Aquarell lips intensify your lip color and give the mouth area a pure, natural look. The result promises naturally tinted lips that also look visually fuller. You will be thrilled.

Lash Lifting

Eyelash lift is a cosmetic treatment in which the eyelashes are curved upward and stretched with various lotions. It is also called a perm for the eyelashes. The result is a perfect eye look.

Brow Lifting

In brow lifting, the hairs are laminated and semi permanently bent upwards. As with eyelash lifting, these are brought into the desired shape with various lotions and water-soluble adhesives.

Botox for 3 zones with
Dr. Kai Mueller

Jessica Schmidt-Pink

Make-up artist Jessica Schmidt-Pink is the proud mother of 4 children. With her claim "Beauty is an attitude" she wants to help you and other women find your own natural look. Jessica supports your healthy, natural look with the best colors, machines and her special skills as a make-up artist.


"I felt very comfortable. Great, relaxed atmosphere. Very good advice. Cleanliness is top. Super follow-up and aftercare. A very good result. 5 star rating."


"I am absolutely satisfied with the new shape and pigmentation of my eyebrows and lips. The eyebrows look very natural - no black bars and the color of my lips was intensified and their shape corrected. I would do it again anytime and am very happy with the results. Jessica has an eye for proportion and expression and works very professionally and painlessly."


"Dear Jessica, thank you so much for the great and perfect eyelash curl. In the meantime, I have already been in 3 different studios - and never before have I been so satisfied. Jessica calmly takes time for a conversation in advance and for the application itself. Spontaneously, she also shaped and colored my eyebrows. Now I look as fresh without make-up as with a natural and light day make-up. 5 stars - I will become a regular customer with you."



Aquarell Lips permanent Make-Up

390 Euro

inclusive one post-treatment after approx. 5 weeks

Powder Brows permanent Make-Up

290 Euro

inclusive one post-treatment after approx. 5 weeks

Package aquarell lips and powder brows

590 Euro

inclusive one follow-up treatment each after approx. 5 weeks


49 Euro

inclusive coloring


49 Euro

inclusive coloring

Paket Brow &
Lash Lifting

89 Euro

inclusive coloring

Top trained for your natural look.